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A Woman Who Has It All (Paperback Edition)

A Woman Who Has It All (Paperback Edition)


11 Laws for becoming a Leading, Healthy, Desired Women.


"When life hits and makes you feel lonely, there in the emptiest moments, discover the truth. You are a Woman with Everything. This book is the product of someone who was polished like diamond. Prepare to be instilled by these principles, validated by the life of this great woman. "


Shipping available only for USA and Puerto Rico.


    EN // There will be no refunds unless a special exception is made by a representative associated with Dr.Ruth Marí, who has reviewed the case in depth and has decided it is necessary.


    ES// No habrán reembolsos al menos que se haga una excepción especial por un representante asociado con la Dra. Ruth Marí, que haya revisado el caso a profundidad y lo haya decidido necesario.

  • Shipping Info / INFORMACIÓN DE ENVÍO

    EN // At the moment, orders will only be shipped within the United States and Puerto Rico.​Please allow 2-3 business days for processing of all orders.​The estimated time to receive your order can be between 1 to 3 weeks.



    ES // Por el momento, pedidos serán enviados solamente dentro de los Estados Unidos y Puerto Rico.​ Por favor permita 2-3 días laborables para el procesamiento de toda orden. El tiempo estimado para recibir su pedido puede ser entre 1 a 3 semanas.

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